If you are interested in retaining your hair, we offer a variety of hair treatment options:

  • The "Ross Treatment Plan" has a combination pack consisting of mineral pills, cleanser and treatment tonics. Most users have shown excellent results using these products.
  • DHT Blocker – Designed by the “Transition Group” has also shown remarkable results.
  • Hair & Nutrition analysis helps to determine the extent of the percentage of healthy hair which should be in the 80% range. If your diet shows poor eating habits, it can be a cause of hair loss and adjustments can be recommended.
  • Laser Treatment has also shown improvements in reducing hair loss, and growing new follicles. You pay as you go rather then tying you down to a long term Contract

Whatever treatment you pursue, it needs to be followed through for a 4 month period and will be monitored to see if any improvements are taking place. If none are visible, we will recommend a change. Before treatments start, we take pictures to help us monitor your progress!

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