Hair Transplants for Edmonton

"Our Company has been associated with PAI International since 1995. When we started with them, we decided that Glen needed a hair transplant and what a great idea that was! If you are considering such a procedure you will speak to him, a man who knows first hand. Glen can and will answer ALL questions & concerns you have.

Due to the nature of the hair restoration industry, our solutions are as effective as the various technologies which we employ. As such, we are constantly seeking out, researching, and adopting the most modern and effective technologies available so that all our clients can be completely certain that they are absolutely maximizing their hair restoration potential.

Contact us for specific details on the various technologies we offer, or click here to visit the web site of “ Pierre Amelotte”-

Areas in which our staff are constantly integrating new technologies include:

  • Surgical advancements
  • Alternative treatments
  • Equipment innovations
  • Improved preventative care
  • Product advancements

These technological advancements aren't just related to our procedures, products, and equipment but also to our training, knowledge, and experience and this where our team truly shines. After all, any technology is only as effective as the people who employ it. Here at Alfred's, our team members are driven through their natural passion and dedication to our ideal, which is to acquire and maintain cutting-edge skills which are second to none.

The bottom line for all of us here is that we genuinely care about our clients, and truly the deepest reward we receive from assisting them to maximize and maintain their potential is when we see the final, permanent transformation in the way they look, feel, and live. As such, we take it as a matter of personal pride to ensure that our clients always receive the very best products, services, and information available.

Call us at 1-800-265-4033 for our Transplant Schedule.

What to Expect

Your Confidential Consultation

From the moment you walk into one of our PAI Medical Group clinics for a consultation, you will know that your decision to find a solution for your hair loss with PAI is the right one. Your private, complimentary consultation with a qualified, trained hair restoration specialist will provide you with an expert opinion on your specific hair loss.

It will take about an hour of your time and we invite you to bring your spouse or a friend to help you reach a decision about our company, our procedures, and the artistic expertise of our physicians. You will be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire about your goals and expectations in finding a solution for your hair loss, and about medications you are taking or allergies you may have. Your hair restoration consultant will show you a video and/or photographs of PAI Medical Group patients and you may also arrange to meet with someone who has had the procedure.

Your Hair Transplant Procedure

On your arrival at the PAI clinic, you will be welcomed by our medical coordinator who will show you to your own private treatment room. During your procedure, you may listen to music, read, watch television or enjoy a recent film from our DVD library. You can also choose something to drink from an assortment of beverages.

Your hair restoration plan will be reviewed and you will be asked to sign a consent form, indicating that you have been fully informed about every aspect of your surgery. A series of preoperative photographs will be taken.
The coordinator will discuss placement of your hairline, which is moderated by the density and quality of the available donor hair. The artistry and experience of the surgeon will help you meet your realistic expectations. The number and size of grafts needed for the current session will then be estimated.

After routine preparations, you will receive local anesthetic at the donor and recipient sites. Donor hair from the back or sides of your head will be harvested and transplanted to thinning or balding areas.

Transplant sites are angled toward the nose. Grafts are randomly placed and spaced to approximate a natural growth pattern, thus avoiding a ‘doll's head’ or ‘cornrow’ appearance and also ensuring adequate blood supply for each individual graft.

If your procedure includes refinement of previous hair transplantation, it may involve the removal of ‘plug’ grafts along the frontal border and the subsequent re-sectioning of the ‘plug’ into mini or micro units for implantation into another site. Subsequent repair sessions will soften the abrupt hairline and fill in the newly created gaps. This produces a more natural and aesthetically acceptable hairline. After your procedure your scalp will be inspected to ensure grafts are secure.

The next morning you return to the clinic for an inspection and cleansing of the donor and recipient areas. Depending on your type of employment, you may return to work within a few days. You will be given detailed verbal and written instructions for care of your scalp, and any additional medications that you might need will be provided before you leave. You will need to return to the clinic after 10 days for removal of sutures.


  1. How long do the grafts last?
  2. What if I lose the hair I have now?
  3. How much is it per graft?
  4. How many grafts will I need?
  5. What if I’m not satisfied when we are done (not enough hair)?
  6. How do you know the grafts will take?
  7. Can you use someone else’s hair or take it from another part of my body?
  8. How much does this cost?
  9. What kind of payment plans do you have?
  10. How much coverage (hair) will I have from one session?
  11. What is the recovery time?
  12. Can anyone tell I’ve had a hair transplant?
  13. I’ve seen people that have transplants and they are not happy with the density they received.  Why is this?
  14. What is the difference between the quality of your work and the quality of company B?
  15. Is there a guarantee that the hair will grow?
  16. How much hair will I lose after the surgery?
  17. What experience does the medical team have?
  18. How long does the operation take?
  19. Why do I have to have more than one surgery?
  20. Can I get a similar density to my hair system?
  21. Why doesn’t the transplanted hair fall out like the other hair?
  22. Does it scar badly?
  23. Will I have hair when I leave the clinic?
  24. Does it hurt? Is there any discomfort? 
  25. How long does the hair last?
  26. Can I smoke or drink any alcohol?
  27. What is the up-keep?
  28. How do I take care of it?
  29. You talk of levels; they talk of grafts.  What is the difference?
  30.  Are you more expensive than other companies?
  31. Will the treatment program really save the hair I have?
  32. Will treatment programs make my hair thicker?
  33. Are the salon treatments really that important?
  34. What are the differences between shampoos?
  35. What happens if I stop using the treatment products?
  36. How long do I stay on the treatment program?
  37. Will the treatment program stop my hair from falling out?

With help answering any of these questions, please contact us at our clinic.

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