Here it is, the exciting new hair extension system that has the industry buzzing, Eurolocs! Salons and stylists, use Eurolocs to increase their revenues overnight. It is the only patented cold method that uses 100% re-useable human hair. Check out www.eurolocs.com for more information.

We now have a Eurolocs technician renting space from us at Alfred's Hair. For the best quality in hair extension installation and product, please come visit us

  • Cost

  • Installation: $100 per bundle
  • Cost of hair per bundle of 50 strands (40cm / 16 inch long hair with clips): $112.00
  • Cost of hair per bundle of 50 strands (50cm / 20 inch long hair with clips): $135.00
  • Cost of removal of Eurolocs: $100 per bundle

EUROlocs EUROlocs EUROlocs EUROlocs


Effective October 2008
Cost of the kit is $950.00 & GST
This kit includes everything you need to get started including training hair that you install and send back to us for evaluation.Once the installation and removal of the extensions have been approved, you will recieve your Diploma and become a CERTIFIED EUROLOC STYLIST!

Toll Free: 1-800-265-4033
Office: 780-454 -5656
Fax: 780-452-0846

***These prices are for Certified Eurolocs Hairstylists and are available to the public ONLY through them.
Call us to find a Specialist in your area.***

Kit Includes: INSTRUCTIONAL AND PROMOTIONAL DVD, slip-on mannequin to install the enclosed 50 practice hanks with shells, crimping clamp, threader w/extra wires, 2 clips, brush, sample colour shells, ad slick, 100 pamphlets, pouch, color ring, promotional 11x7 poster,and hair holder.

2nd Certification $100.00. Includes practice hair, shells, slip-on mannequin, & Instructional DVD
***All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Taxes not included.***


"Eurolocs" Application Instructions


  1. Prepare all tools at your station
  2. Put hair on brush or in hair book
  3. Put about 7-8 shells (wide end opening up) on Threader
  4. Make a clean working area by parting the hair and clipping excess away (starting in the nape)



  5. Step 1 - Our interest is in a proper fold. Select enough hair in a little square section - keep in mind hair and extension hair has to fit through the shell. Taking too little of client's hair will cause them to slip out. It has to be a "balancing act" between both the client's hair and the extension hair.

    Step 2 - Clip the section of hair and the extension hair together with our special clip.

    EUROlocs EUROlocs

    Step 3 - A second method can be used, particularly if you are using double hanks. Just pull only the clients hair through the shell with the threader, and push the Eurolocs into the shells. Remove the clip and push the shell up so the hair goes through the shell.

    Step 4 - Now we want to pay attention to having a straight line. Get your clamp and grip the shell gently in the groove. Push it up with your thumb and pull the extension down until the waxed part is completely in the shell. Remove the clip and push the shell up so the hair goes through the shell.

    Step 5 - Now spacing and brick laying are important. Make sure that the shell is in the groove and crimp gently - then twist the folded shell (90 degrees) and put it on the flat part of the pliers and crimp again (flat). Make sure that the pliers are properly positioned otherwise the shell will stick out.
    *Note, you should not see the head of the screw on the tool

    *When you practice Steps 1 and 5, the number one concern is that you get a good crimp (v-shape) and then fold it over. The second concern is that the wax piece is in the shell as this holds the extension in position - if not, it will cause the extension to slide out.

  6. Removal:
    Removal of extensions should take place 3-4 months after application. This time frame all depends on how fast the client's hair grows and if it is properly taken care of.
    Use the tip of the pliers and place in shell then squeeze gently.
The shell will then open, slide hair out and of the shell - put it in the hair book or brush.

    Most of the time you can re-use all the hair, however it is a good idea to have about 20-30 strands available as the client may have damaged some. The hair can be re-used but after 3-4 times, the wax will break down, but you can get the hair re-waxed at a cost of $0.70 per hank, or you can purchase the wax for $10.00 and do it yourself (you will need a heater for wax and hair holder).
    *Note: You will need to replace all the shells when putting them back in.

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